The Pearls of Pearl Street 11

11.P of P St

Action 11.Pof P st

So the digging and the pile driving and shifting of one pile of stuff to another place goes on. The noise is phenomenal these last few days. I have written in Welsh Gwlad y Gan  (The Land of Song ) on the wall a bit ironic at the moment considering the racket outside my front door ! The other side of the tree is an Irish saying a friend told me he used to have lectured at him school “Its better to be late than too late”.  Happy the sunshine is making appearances these days, a deep golden light. Thank you for your pearls.

As I was writing a lovely lady came by and gave me a piece of cake for my painting. Delicious it was too. Thank you .

One thought on “The Pearls of Pearl Street 11

  1. I remember Kahil El Zabar saying to the audience once when his concert started late “It’s better to be in time than on time”


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