The Pearls of Pearl Street 28

Two themes close to my heart. Having been unable to participate in the demonstrations and actions that have been happening across the UK during September, I thought to contribute and support the cause by using my wall as a platform for the images.

Not surprisingly the subject matter has generated a lot of positive responses and discussions but also some angry abuse by passers by who seem to want to vent from across the road and not engage in any back and forth of ideas or conversation.

Climate Change and Racism are inextricably linked and I hope that this wall will keep them at the forefront of our awareness as we negotiate this world as it goes through various states of lock down

One thought on “The Pearls of Pearl Street 28

  1. Wow, these are an utterly brilliant way to share these messages…well done!

    I don’t go to Cardiff now, and I guess it will be a long time before I feel safe enough to get on the train. Can hardly believe I haven’t walked past your house since March! Keep up the good work.


    Annie Paine
    Colhugh Street
    Llantwit Major
    CF61 1RE


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