The Pearls of Pearl Street 22

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The Queen of Splott has now been joined by Barclodiad y Gawres. (translates as The Apron of the Giantess ) A story of a flying giantess flinging boulders from her apron to form mountains, valleys and cromlechs.  After singing the poem in a beautiful place in France with Tinc y Tannau I wanted to keep the magic of the memory alive for a little bit longer. (A translation of the poem will appear soon.)

The Pearls of Pearl Street 20


A little room at the bottom of the wall for a part of a poem by T. Gwyn. Jones.

I originally set this poem for an album of songs called LLiwio’r Gair / The Colour of Saying (a mother / daughter collaboration). It was a solo song cycle written in response to visual artist Mary Lloyd Jones’s banner installation charting the development of language from pre historic cup and ring markings, to the Welsh bardic tradition.   Here is a translation of the text. :-

Gwlad y Bryniau / The Land of hills

and in the dance this one sang the rhythms of her dreams

the low song of pre history and in her land the song is without end

You can listen to the album here




The Pearls of Pearl Street 18 and 19


The sun has come out and it is time to do some painting! It has been a while so I thought to do two sides of the wall at once. A while back I had a conversation with the postman and he said he had enjoyed the Rumi poetry so I thought I’d put some more on the walls for our delight. Here’s looking forward to lighter evenings and warmer times. Thank you Eugene for your thought for the day posted on facebook.  I hope you are tickled that it has landed up on a wall in Splott.

19 PofPSt