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The Pearl of Pearl Street 16

16.PofP St Full16.PofPSt detail

I am on a roll, the sunshine has inspired me to paint the Mother of Pearl poem on my door. I’ve been thinking about it for ages. As I was in the yard I heard a child outside in the street chanting the poem in a very rhythmical way and then there were more voices talking but I couldn’t catch what was being said. Thank you for your poem Mine.

We are indeed having extraordinary weather, after the wild rainstorms washing off my designs in the winter to not being able to paint in the middle of the day because the paint dried too quickly in the sun and turned into a sticky globalular mess. Global Warming anyone?

The Pearls of Pearl Street 15

15.PofPst15.PofPSt detail.jpg

The First…….. E=MC2  a poem by Mererid Hopwood written after a residency in Aberystwyth organised by Byw Nawr (Live Now) an initiative of the National Health Service to encourage people to talk about death openly bringing it into the everyday. It is a beautiful and inspiring poem.

The Second ……two sections from two poems by Maya Angelou   ‘ Still I Rise’ and ‘Phenomenal Woman.’  Her voice is so strong and colourful. I hope she would be happy with the dancing lady cheering up the streets of Splott.

The Pearls of Pearl Street 12

Pof P st 12P of P St 12 detail

I wanted to do something bright and cheerful for the new year… well I know its almost mid February but I’ve had to contend with the rain washing my initial design off completely overnight, random hailstorms that appear went the sun is shining and then gale force winds whipping around the street and even snow ! ! ! Here’s to the guys on the bridge working through the night and through all weathers. Two school girls on their way home stopped and painted designs by the tree for me the other day and drew their initials by them, thank you girls I appreciate your help painting in the hi viz jackets too.

I’m not convinced it’s finished yet there might be some room for more decorative designs  to make the eye bounce some more.  Roll on Spring I say.

The Pearls of Pearl Street 11

11.P of P St

Action 11.Pof P st

So the digging and the pile driving and shifting of one pile of stuff to another place goes on. The noise is phenomenal these last few days. I have written in Welsh Gwlad y Gan  (The Land of Song ) on the wall a bit ironic at the moment considering the racket outside my front door ! The other side of the tree is an Irish saying a friend told me he used to have lectured at him school “Its better to be late than too late”.  Happy the sunshine is making appearances these days, a deep golden light. Thank you for your pearls.

As I was writing a lovely lady came by and gave me a piece of cake for my painting. Delicious it was too. Thank you .

The Pearls of Pearl Street 10

10 P of P St detail

10 P of P St

Ah…….. this tree has taken awhile, dashing out into the sunshine to paint and then waiting  and waiting for the rainy days to pass. I am really happy with the way the gold paint glints in the sun, an effect you unfortunately can’t see here.  A tree for the beginning of the winter season to take us through to the spring.  A friend of mine mentioned the long leaves looked a bit like seaweed, hmmmmm maybe it’s an underwater tree, you can never tell what might happen in a place called Splott.