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The Pearls of Pearls Street 9

9. Pof P St9.Rumi

The workman on the bridge said it looked like a bit of Pink Floyd ! The sun was really strong so my shadow is really clear.  I have finally learnt how to make a clear line, it is possible to mix emulsion paint with a tiny tiny bit of water to make it flow onto the bumpy wall. Next step buy a beautiful brush……… I sang these words in a setting by composer Helen Chadwick at dawn to a room full of sleeping people. They had a bit of an awakening!

The Pearls of Pearl Street 4

Pearl street 4

This photo was taken by professional photographer Nick Treharne as he was passing.   Catch his instagram  @nicktreharne or website http://www.nicktreharne.com There is another glimpse of the wall on his instagram, a bit of a bike theme going on! I am having great conversations with people as I paint the wall and inspiring suggestions are coming through. I am enjoying meeting my neighbours.

The Pearls of Pearl Street 3

P of P 3

The arabic at the top says ‘We shall remain” an image taken from an aerial photo from the company Avaaz.  A small Bedouin community facing annihilation at the hands of Israel’s soldiers delayed demolition of their community and created a beautiful symbol of resistance, with a giant stone sign. Avaaz were key to the action mobilising international media attention that protected their homes. The pattern below the arabic is  a hint  (though a bit rough ) of Bedouin weaving designs.

Below that is Dal dy Dir a welsh phrase that says “Hold your ground”. This phrase was taken up by Cymdeithas yr Iaith during the 60’s  when they took up non violent action to establish Welsh as an official language for Wales.  The pattern below (a bit wonky and a bit rough)  is a classic Carthen Welsh double weave pattern