The Pearls of Pearl Street

pearl st wall

If you were stuck at a roadworks traffic lights what would you like to see?

I have the prospect of roadworks, pile driving, digging, all manner of power tools, drills and such like AND a temporary traffic lights, making lorries, buses, bikes, cars, trucks idle right in front of my front door for the next entire year ! (Due to the re-building of a railway bridge)
In an effort to turn this situation into a more positive one I thought to write on the wall just before the election. so the people waiting at the traffic lights might have something to look at. Chatting to a friend the other day another phrase was added.
As this situation will remain for a year I thought to ask all my friends and family and acquaintances to e mail me inspiring quotes or phrases of poetry that could fit on this wall.
They could be in any language as long as I know what it means in English. I will credit every person’s writing if they wish or not if they prefer to remain anonymous.
I imagine being able to change one side of the wall each week or there abouts (also depending on the weather ha ha !) It could also be a very simple image. At the moment I am using old emulsion paint I found in my shed so its not very sophisticated.
Thank you for the phrases and thoughts that have started to come through. I beginning to have an inspiring collection.
Thank you for your pearls of joy.

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